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Hi I'm Geneva!

I like art and video games and galaxy print and cute things. This is my Art Blog / Sketch dump/ occasional inspiration posts. Thanks for stopping by! ( ✿◠‿◠)

OC wip for a friend :)
This is old news now but I have a small gallery space at ZaPow gallery in Asheville :D So far I only have prints up (my current originals take up too much space… and I don’t want to part with them yet >__> ) but I will soon and will be showing there for at least four months.  
~Arc en Celia~
wananine said: I just wanted to say, I stumbled across your art on DeviantArt and I must say your art is so gorgeous!! I love your style so much and I think it's so inspiring and beautiful!

Wow, thank you so much! TBH I’m still “finding” that style and seriously still so inspired by everyone else. *__*
Thank you so much and I’m glad you were inspired too!

IDK how to color this

Website Update


I updated my website with fresher art. It’s still a little bit work in progress but it’s definitely a lot snazzier than my “took a 5 minute class on tables and html” site I’ve had for nearly a year. Let’s hope it’s not buggier either!

merlinsbread said: I kind of stalked your blog and I'm not sorry, your art work is so bubbly and colorful! I'm defiantly looking forward to more of your work, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :3

Hey thanks! I never really thought of it as bubbly, but I am really glad you think so :D

I really love your avatar by the way XD

Angry Osamoda~
Judgemental sleep maiden 
ashfangkill said: Just wanted to say I love your art style!!! It's very pretty and cute ^*^ keep up the adorable work

Thank you kindly! I will keep trying my best and I’m glad you enjoy it ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

A Big Thank You

To all the new followers and comments on my art. It’s been an honor that you love it and it is great inspiration to keep arting. Thank you so much!!

Livestreaming soon around 7:50PM EST c:Actually, Picarto.tv-ing. It seems to go a lot easier on my computer than Livestream does. c:https://picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=GDBEE
Warning weird music/OSTs will be playing <__<
bitterassfandom said: hey so i met you at a con and i have 2 of your prints on my wall and i reblogged that starry eyes post the other day and thought the style might be yours but thought "nah it couldn't be," then i was just going through my business cards from old cons and found yours with your tumblr on the back and realized it was you! but tl;dr i love your art, it's really gorgeous and you've definitely improved even since i bought my prints! so keep doing what you're doing cause it's really great!

OMG D: That’s so cool, thank you so so much! Wow, it’s such a small world! It’s good to know my style pops out a bit haha

Seriously, thank you. I feel like crying this is so awesome ;A;

hopebiscuit said: u have such lovely works!


Thank you so much!! I’m realyl glad you enjoy them (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Really** Sorry! so many typos!